BREAKFAST With Eamonn & Isabel

What a very very busy year 2024 has been so far. I’ve not yet caught up with everything I’ve been doing! Last week when I was in London for a meeting with my agent and publisher I was invited on to GB News show BREAKFAST with Eamonn & Isabel. I have a lot of opinions and was asked my views on shoplifting.

I arrived at the studio around 6.30am for the slot at 7.20am and was greeted by the make-up lady who said when she looked at mine that it was ‘perfect’ – which was nice! After that I was miked up and soon taken in to the studio during a break. I was asked to sit next to Eamonn and he said hello to me. But as I sat down, I nudged the small table next to me and Eamonn’s breakfast went all over the floor. I was mortified!

Within seconds of this we were on the air and I’ll admit I was more than a bit flustered. But in the end, I put my view across and here is the end result: