In 2018 I set out on a journey of discovery to see if I could write something that would be publishable and appealing to mainstream readers. I was looking at changing direction, focusing very much on the thriller market.

With the help of my agent, Camilla Shestopal, I began to shape a new novel. This story was founded on a true story that I had heard from a friend.

When she told me the story, I immediately had goosebumps and a shudder ran up my spine. A sign, they say, that someone walked over your grave … but that wasn’t how I interpreted my reaction to this story. It was something else to me entirely. I recognised it as the start, not the end, of something far bigger.

And so I was driven to tell this story, which I proceeded to make my own and it has since become its own unique thing, with twists and turns that I couldn’t have fully planned at the start but hoped would be there in the end.

Many months ensued and I finished the novel to first draft, put it aside again for a week or two and then re-edited it.  When it was finished, I sent it on to Camilla and in a meeting with her we decided on some changes. These I believe were for the best and helped me so much to focus my energy on telling the best story in the best possible way. Our working relationship is the everything I could have hoped for, Camilla gets me. She is also a brilliant advisor and friend. I’m thrilled to have this wonderful lady working with me.

You see I don’t see writing as a solo pursuit. When you work in the professional field it is anything but solitary. Although you write the book and the ideas are yours, you have to also take advice from your agent and editor on potential improvements. It becomes a collaborative art.

When Camilla and I were both happy with the final version, she began to submit it to major publishing houses.  All along we had amazing feedback on the book. The editors were liking it a lot, they were saying it was very well-written and I knew because of this I had at least achieved what I wanted to do. The book was right for the market I was aiming at.

When Camilla called me and told me there were offers on the table I was ecstatic.

I can now announce that this novel is going to be published by HARPER COLLINS in their ONE MORE CHAPTER imprint. And I couldn’t be happier. This is a brilliant publisher, and the minute I knew they were interested my heart was invested in being one of their authors.

A few weeks later I went into Harper Collins’ offices to meet with my new Editor, Finn, and we had lots of discussions about the book and what was going to happen in the future.

This has been an incredible journey so far and now the book is available for pre-order in Digital versions and in Paperback.

And what is the story about? Take a look …







You think you love him. But can you trust him?

A gripping debut psychological thriller about the dark secrets in a perfect marriage. For fans of Shari Lapena.

 I ended my marriage for a man who didn’t exist…

I have everything money can buy. I’m a good wife, but sometimes I feel trapped. And when I start an affair with a stranger called Ewan, my life changes in ways I can’t begin to understand.

Because Ewan breaks apart my marriage piece by piece and then he just disappears. He uses a fake name and leaves no trace behind; it’s like he doesn’t even exist.

Someone did this to me and now they’re waiting for me to unravel, watching my every move. I can’t trust anyone, not even myself – not even the people I love.



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