Jinx Magic – Jinx Chronicles #2

With the help of the Jinx mage Kale, Jasmine Regis arrives back on Earth after a year spent on his race’s home planet Emin. She discovers that her one-time lover Taylor is now married and her friend Andrew is no longer the child she knew. Here, a full three years have passed since the Jinx captured her and took her away. As Jas battles to regain her friends’ trust and confidence, a shocking revelation unfolds about the people closest to them.

Contrary to the end, Jas yearns to return to the life she had on Emin, and to its powerfully erotic Emperor, Arven, with whom she pair-bonded. But first she must discover what lies behind the mysterious taint that has changed the Earth’s atmosphere, and the evil that lurks in a secret underground military base hidden in the hills of North Wales.

The second book in the Jinx Chronicles trilogy, Jinx Magic is a powerful tale of military conspiracy, alien magic, human nature and the will to survive.

‘The narrative’s hectic pace leaves the reader hungry for the next instalment as the story unfolds with some surprising twists. Just when the reader thinks the story might drift into a predictable avenue, Stone turns up the heat and surprises us with a sucker-punch.’ Starburst about Jinx Town

The second in a trilogy of high-impact science-fiction horror novels. With a cover image by award winning science fiction and fantasy artist Jim Burns.

234pp. 6×9 format paperback novel.
ISBN: 978-1-84583-111-0
Published May 2016