Legends of Cthuhlu

Fifteen tales of nightmares and horror from the inspired mind of Sam Stone. A mysterious society of cats; an ancient curse; brutal life under the Elder Gods; adventures of Captain Nemo; and a terrifying sacrifice … all alongside a zombie plague; revenge made sweet; shape-changing humans on board a terraforming space vessel; Steampunk ghosts; haunting love; and more!

Sam Stone’s imagination knows no bounds, so let her introduce you to some of her nightmares …

‘One thing all stories in this book still have in common is Sam’s ability to tell great tales that can reach into a reader’s soul and chill them from the inside out. So both fans of the weird world that Lovecraft gave to us, or those who have never read anything like that before but still love stories about the haunting and the horrific will have good things to find here.’ Brian M Sammons in Hellnotes about Cthulhu and Other Monsters

‘Mistress of the grisly and the glutinous.’ Graham Masterton