Posing for Picasso

It was Annabel, and something was wrong with her features . . . He thought he saw a triangle, not an irregular jigsaw shape after all. And it was missing from her face. As if a sharp pastry cutter mould had been stamped through her skull.

When Detective Jake Chandler is called in to investigate a murder, nothing can prepare him for the gruesome sight of Annabel Linton …

Annabel was the model of Russian artist Avgustin Juniper, who finds himself in the centre of the investigation … but he had no motive.

Criminal attorney Cassandra Mousa sees this as her next big case and will stop as nothing to prove her client’s innocence.

But as more of Juniper’s models die, Chandler’s investigation leads him to four beautiful, unique women, and the lost diaries of Pablo Picasso. Something wants to return … and Chandler has to stop it.


ISBN: 978-1614756224

Published 18th Jan 2018