A Funny Old Year

It’s really difficult to have faith in yourself sometimes. I’ve been writing professionally now since 2008 (12 years!) and I’ve seen many changes in the publishing industry during that time.
This year has been a very strange one indeed for me. I started the year full of hope for a ‘reasonable’ success for THE STRANGER IN OUR BED, and when Covid-19 hit the UK I honestly thought that nothing good could possibly happen in my career. But I’ve been massively surprised!
Not only did the book become a USA TODAY! bestseller in the first 6 weeks, but I’ve just signed a contract that will take my work into new territory.
Despite everything, that’s 4 contracts signed this year!!
I’ve had some amazing coverage, with local papers and radio stations supporting and reporting on my progress, to being embraced by some pretty super international stations as well.
In two weeks time there will be an interview in MILLIONAIR Magazine with the lovely Steven Smith – who asked me some really fantastic questions! So please check this out!
Although I can’t say more at the moment, I will say this, that I think one announcement will be coming soon and I might then be able to tell you the rest. Needless to say, it’s so hard for me right now not to let the cat out the bag – as I’m really excited for the future.