Life, the Universe and Everything

Hello all,

As we slowly come out of lockdown and begin to visit our high streets again, life – with masks – is starting to resume. And so I have a few updates about how things have been going for me at the moment and what I’ve been up to.

I was on this great event on 22nd July – Virtual Noir at the Bar – and you can see me reading the opening of THE STRANGER IN OUR BED at the VNATB Archives – Archive #17. I’m on the first part at 17.31 mins in! So if you’d like to see this click on the link.

I’d thoroughly recommend listening in to the other writers there to. Some great books and fabulous readings. I was in the company of  Jonathan Whitelaw, Isabelle (VB) Grey, Awais Khan, M Sean Coleman, TM Logan, Marianne Kavanagh, Douglas Skelton, Dan Smith and Lisa Hall. The event is run by Vic Watson and Simon Bewick, and Vic is a great presenter too! Please check out this and many more of their archived evenings.

Other news – well The Works are now back open. YAY! And I’m delighted to say the paperback of THE STRANGER IN OUR BED is now in their 3 for £5 promotion. You can buy the book individually for £2! So buy in store or online at The Works.

As Amazon often won’t be beaten on price they have also done a price match for the book on the UK site. So the paperback can also be purchased for £2 on there too. So – can I make a birthday, Christmas or just anytime pressie suggestion while stocks and the price reductions last – because the book won’t be this cheaper forever! So please be tempted to buy this as a gift for someone you know if you enjoyed the book. Or treat yourself if you haven’t tried it yet. Find it here at Amazon UK.

And a little teaser too …

I’ve been writing throughout lockdown and I’m currently working on something very exciting which will be, I’m told, revealed next week. So watch this space!

Now, it’s back to work with me.

I hope you’re all coping well and that we’ll soon be able to gather together at events, signings and conventions in a safe way.

Samantha x